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Kitchen N Bath Gallery Since 2008 is a leading Modular Kitchen and Bath Fittings provider company. We are Jaipur based company. We are specialized in Modular kitchen and all type of quality Bathrooms. We have in house designing team to give you best solutions for your dream modular kitchen and utilize your every inch space in best possible way. We always try to give best and affordable price solution with in time limit which is very important and our strongest point.

Are you looking for Modular Kitchen Accessories Dealer in Jaipur? If yes then you are absolutely at the right place. We are the most reliable and trusted in the market for providing entire modular kitchen accessories in Jaipur. Our kitchen accessories are popular among the customers mainly because of Classy look and Eye catching designs.

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Modular Kitchen Design Steps

Modular Kitchen Design Steps for first Timers.

Modular kitchen In Jaipur


Layout and Work Triangle

The first step in designing your kitchen is the layout and work triangle.

Modular kitchen In Jaipur


Storage Options

Once the location of the three larger items is determined, the next step is the storage cabinets.

Modular kitchen In Jaipur



There is a lot of activity that takes place in the kitchen: cooking, washing, cleaning.

Modular kitchen In Jaipur


Colors & Lighting

The next step is your colors.Lighting in the kitchen should both be aesthetic and practical

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